Claudius Cigliana (Australia)

I purchased my first electric bike the Buzzraw X750 from Coast Cycle after a friend of mine told me it's a life changer and this is truly accurate.

The unique design inspired from BMX frames makes it very smooth to ride for any level and super comfortable with a double seater seat which I have never seen so far, the range of the battery is quite impressive, around 40km when it's used as a paddle assist bike and there is the option to purchase a throttle, and you got the coolest electric scooter in the world!

This bike is truly the best investment I had so far, I use it as daily transportation to go to work and cruise around town, the high-quality materials make it very safe to ride.

Highly recommended for people who always seek for improvement as it can be fully customized.

Thank you, Claudius, for your review and we are thrilled at the fact that this is truly the best investment you had so far.

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